About Us We work for the protection of Intellectual Property rights of our clients

VINDEX Law Firm provides intellectual property rights protection.

The company is distinguished with our lawyers’ long-term practical experience in this field and our focus on achieving the final result. 

Our mission is to provide proper intellectual property rights protection.

We represent the interests of copyright holders in civil, administrative and criminal proceedings. VINDEX takes active part in educative work aimed at interpretation of the risks connected with intellectual property infringement and emphasizing on promotion of licensed content.


Professionalism. Our employees have in-depth professional knowledge. We strive to achieve the best results with optimal use of human and financial resources.

Responsibility. We are responsible for fulfilling our obligations, governed by the principles of high quality work and compliance with corporate standards.

The desire to improve. We focus on the most innovative ways to protect the rights and interests of our customers. Through achieving the result, we contribute to the growth of our clients' business and contribute to the successful development of Ukraine.


VINDEX implements an important anti-piracy program focused on:

• protection of intellectual property rights;

• supporting law enforcement initiatives to identify and to document copyright infringements using computer programs;

• support of court cases: civil (economic), criminal, administrative;

• training of law enforcement officers;

• preparation of draft laws to combat piracy;

• education and upbringing of respect to intellectual property in Ukraine.

Pavel Mykolyuk

Founder and CEO

Specializes in Copyright Law, Criminal and Civil Law. In 2015, he was recognized as "Best Leader of the Year" in the national business ranking and "Leader of the Year" in the "League of the Best" rating.

Helen Kovalenko


Specializes in Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Criminal, Civil Law and Commercial Law.

Viktoriya Chernyshuk

Data Analyst

Specializes in Intellectual Property Rights Protection on the Internet. In 2015, recognized as the "Best Employee" according to the rating "League of the Best" in Ukraine.

Sergii Poloz


Specializes in Intellectual Property Rights Protection.

Our clients

  • Adobe
  • Graphisoft
  • Dassault
  • MGU
  • 1+1
  • Viasat
  • Film UA
  • Kvartal 95
  • Inter