Protection of VOD content

Protection of VOD content

In order to respond to piracy activity on the Internet, we have created and are using our own software product, "VINDEX 24/7 Monitoring and Protection."

Our database contains information about 25,000 websites with illegal content.

Key features of "VINDEX 24/7 Monitoring and Protection":

  • Continuous automatic search and monitoring of approximately ten thousand websites, including online video streaming, file-sharing, social networks, and torrents.
  • Automatic sending of notifications to website owners and hosting providers.
  • Integration with search engines like Google.
  • Removal of videos from video hosting platforms, including YouTube.
  • Removal of search results from Google.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics.

The search covers the following types of sites:

  • Video hosting platforms and social networks (YouTube, VKontakte, etc.).
  • Sites with online streaming functionality.
  • File hosting platforms.
  • Torrent sites.
  • Search engines (Google, etc.).

"VINDEX 24/7 Monitoring and Protection" checks hundreds of thousands of web pages every hour.

Protection strategy:

  • Initial detection of suspicious content.
  • Detailed analysis of the content to verify the presence of relevant copyright.
  • In case of copyright infringement, sending a warning to the website owner demanding the cessation of such infringement or the placement of content on the copyright holder's terms.
  • Sending a complaint to the hosting provider.
  • Removal of the website (pages) from Google's search index.
  • Initiating criminal proceedings, supporting civil cases in court to enforce the cessation of the infringement and obtain compensation for damages.