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Vindex Achieves "Enterprise of the Year 2015" Status and Awards

According to the international economic ranking "League of the Best," the legal firm VINDEX has been recognized as one of the top performers and awarded the prestigious "Enterprise of the Year 2015" status.

Based on the deliberations of the "Committee for Economic Development" (the first non-governmental organization in Ukraine established directly by business leaders, aimed at comprehensive business development in accordance with European management standards), a select number of companies were chosen to officially be conferred the "Enterprise of the Year" status, as per Protocol No. KER No.18 dated August 18, 2015. The selection of enterprises was conducted considering key financial indicators (data from the State Statistics Service of Ukraine).

According to the Classification of Economic Activities (NACE) 69.10 "Legal activities," VINDEX is the sole company awarded this distinction in Ukraine in 2015.



Furthermore, the company's director, Pavlo Mykoliuk, has received the prestigious "Manager of the Year 2015 in Ukraine" award. The esteemed status of this accolade is internationally recognized (the ranking is conducted in 58 countries worldwide, and in Ukraine since 2006) and protected by the laws of Ukraine.

This recognition reaffirms VINDEX's commitment to excellence, professionalism, and its leading position in the legal industry. The award reflects the company's exceptional financial performance, adherence to international standards, and outstanding leadership under the guidance of Director Pavlo Mykoliuk.

"We are immensely proud to receive the 'Enterprise of the Year 2015' status, which serves as a testament to our team's dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional legal services," said Pavlo Mykoliuk, Director of VINDEX. "This recognition motivates us to continue surpassing client expectations, driving innovation, and contributing to the development of the legal sector in Ukraine."